Analysis for HEIDENHAIN Encoders

HEIDENHAIN encoders provide all information necessary for commissioning, monitoring and diagnostics. PWM inspection devices and PWT testing devices are available specifically for analyzing the encoders. Testing devices are used for checking the function of encoders. The PWTs have fewer functions than the PWMs, much higher measuring tolerances and cannot be calibrated. There are two types of diagnostics, depending on how the devices are integrated:

  • Encoder diagnostics: The encoder is connected directly to the test or inspection device. This makes a comprehensive analysis of encoder functions possible.
  • Diagnostics in the control loop: The PWM phase meter is looped into the closed control loop (e.g. through a suitable testing adapter). This makes a real-time diagnosis of the machine or system possible during operation. The functions depend on the interface.

PWM 21
Together with the provided ATS adjusting and testing software, the PWM 21 testing unit serves for diagnosis and adjustment of absolute and incremental HEIDENHAIN encoders. The PWM 21 with ATS software is a leader in function and flexibility, particularly for the installation of encoders, and is recommended for universal application.
PWT 101The PWT 101 is a testing device for checking the function and adjustment of incremental and absolute HEIDENHAIN encoders. Thanks to its compact dimensions and robust design, the PWT 101 is ideal for mobile use. A 4.3-inch touchscreen provides for display and operation.