Workpiece Measurement

HEIDENHAIN TS touch probes for workpiece measurement on milling, drilling, boring machine and machining centers are available in various versions:

TS 460TS 642TS 740TS 248
TS 260
TS 150
Area of application
Machining centers, milling, drilling and boring machines, lathes with automatic tool change

Milling, drilling and boring machines with manual tool change, lathes and grinding machinesGrinding machines
Signal transmissionRadio or infraredInfraredInfrared
Suitable SESE 660
SE 540
SE 642
SE 661
SE 540
SE 642
SE 660
SE 540
SE 642
Probe repeatability
2 σ ≤ 1 µm
2 σ ≤ 0,25 µm2 σ ≤ 1 µm
Voltage supplyBatteries, rechargeable or nonrechargeable15 V to 30 V DCvia UTI 150
Interface to control
HTL via SE
HTL and floating switching output
Cable outlet
Axial or radial