FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I retrofit my machine with a new control?

    In many cases you can replace an older control on your machine with a current control from HEIDENHAIN. Such modernizations, referred to as retrofitting, are particularly advantageous for machines having large traverse ranges and mechanically robust constructions.

    Depending on the machine and required scope of modernization, you can specify which of the current control models you would like. For simple 3 axis machines you can choose between the TNC 128 straight cut control and TNC 320 contouring control, should replacement parts still be available for the drive technology. It is generally recommended that the power stages and drive motors also be replaced. In such cases the HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 contouring control with a new drive package would be the right choice. For more complex machines, with five or more axes, upgrading to the state-of-the-art TNC 640 control is recommended.

    The result is a sustainable modernization of machines and production processes, achieving production with greater precision and efficiency. Thanks to the upwards compatibility of the TNC controls, you can continue to use the old NC programs of your previous control on most of the modern TNC controls. Also, due to the uniform operational design, you will quickly become acquainted with the new control.

    Your machine can be modernized as described if it is equipped with one of the following older controls:

    • TNC 120, TNC 121
    • TNC 131, TNC 135
    • TNC 145 TNC 150, TNC 151,
    • TNC 155

    Contact your HEIDENHAIN subsidiary for more information about retrofitting.

    Your machine is down? – Here you can get help!
    What if the goods get damaged during transport?

    1. What to do, if the goods arrive damaged?

    If you notice damage to the packaging or the goods, you must first of all check the invoice to find out who has insured the transport. This is described in more detail in section 3.

    If the transport was insured by HEIDENHAIN, you can decline acceptance. The carrier returns the damaged goods to HEIDENHAIN.

    If you are self-insured, you cannot decline acceptance of the goods. In this case, please contact your insurance company.

    In any case, state on the way bill that the goods arrived damaged

    What if the damage only becomes apparent after delivery?

    You can report the transport damage to HEIDENHAIN within 7 days (air freight up to 2 weeks) upon receipt of the goods.

    2. Compensation delivery and information – quick and easy!

    In case of transport damage, please refer to your HEIDENHAIN contact or call our free HEIDENHAIN-Helpline

    Regardless of who has insured the shipment, we will always provide a replacement!

    Your matter will be forwarded to the department responsible for handling transport damage, which will initiate compensation deliveries and provide further information to settle the loss. Please provide order data, product data and pictures of the damage.

    3. Who will bear the costs?  

    HEIDENHAIN will process the incident free of charge in the following case:

    If the transport was insured by HEIDENHAIN, HEIDENHAIN will bear the costs of the complaint processing and replacement delivery. Please check your invoice to see if your transport was insured by HEIDENHAIN. HEIDENHAIN charges 0.03 % of the merchandise value for the insurance. The insurance fee is stated separately in the totals line of the invoice.

    HEIDENHAIN will not bear the costs in the following case:  

    If the insurance fee on the invoice is 0.00, the shipment was not insured by HEIDENHAIN. In this case, the term "SVS/RVS-Verbotskunde” (i.e. customer exempted from forwarding insurance) is stated on the shipping documents. This means that you as the recipient waive insurance protection by HEIDENHAIN.

    If the transport was not insured by HEIDENHAIN, we can unfortunately not bear the costs of the complaint processing and replacement delivery. In this case, the financial compensation must be settled with your own transport insurance.

    Of course, we will provide aid immediately and simply with a fast replacement delivery.

    What is a DAkkS calibration?

    According to ISO 9001, certain inspection, measuring and test equipment must be traced to national standards at regular intervals.

    The HEIDENHAIN measuring laboratory has been accredited since 1994 to perform measurements for digital linear and angle encoders as per DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

    The German Accreditation Body (previously: German Calibration Service / DKD) inspects and monitors the measuring laboratory and certifies HEIDENHAIN its personnel and metrological competence within the framework of the accreditation. DAkkS calibrations conducted by our measuring laboratory give the user certainty about the correct measurement with digital and angle measuring encoders. The created calibration certificate documents the generally acknowledged traceability of the encoder by an independent and neutral institution.

    DAkkS calibration certificate or manufacturer’s test certificate?

    With the manufacturer’s test certificate the manufacturer gives information about the measurement errors of the encoder. A DAkkS calibration certificate is the document that describes the measuring characteristics of the encoder by an independent and neutral institution.

    Do you require a DAkkS calibration certificate?

    We require a precise description of the calibration task from the customer, so that we can perform the calibration according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. HEIDENHAIN will check the feasibility of the measuring task and prepare a detailed offer for a successful calibration.

    Description of the measuring task

    For many HEIDENHAIN products (e.g. length gauges), measuring tasks are already available. We would be glad to advise you on the DAkkS calibration and the manufacturer’s test certificate. Please contact our free HEIDENHAIN helpline for DAkkS calibration and manufacturer’s test certificates: +49 8669 31-3121, E-Mail: service.orderheidenhainde

    Defective angle encoder?

    We can offer you expanded repair services for HEIDENHAIN angle encoders.

    In addition to replacing the housing/cable assembly, it is also possible to exchange the mechanical/electronic assembly (bearing assembly).

    Important ID number at HEIDENHAIN

    Every HEIDENHAIN product bears an ID label. On this label you can find data identifying the unit.

    Model designation

    The model designation is the name of the device.

    ID number

    The ID number (also referred to as part number) is a HEIDENHAIN article number consisting of the basic ID number (6 or 7 digits) and the variant (2 digits after the hyphen). If you intend to order a replacement unit from HEIDENHAIN, the ID number is absolutely necessary, as it allows for an exact statement on the product’s specifications. The ID number may be abbreviated ID, ID number or Id.No.

    Serial number

    Every device has its own serial number. The serial number is a consecutive number for unique identification of products with the same ID number. It serves to ensure traceability of a product after it has been put in circulation, e.g. to find the date of invoice that is required to determine guarantee and warranty periods. The term serial number is mostly abbreviated to SN or S/N.

    Model designation, ID number and serial number are also indicated on the packaging label.

    Business hours of HEIDENHAIN Service

    You can reach our service team at the following times:

    Business hours:

    Mon. to Thu.: 8:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m.

    Fri.: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

    Within these periods we can provide regular shipment of our goods. Even outside of the usual business hours, we provide an expanded helpline service and rapid delivery.:

    On-call service::

    Mon. to Thu.: 4:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

    Fri: 3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

    Sat.: 8:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    If you urgently require a replacement unit during these periods, we can make the goods available for collection or assign a taxi service with the transport.

    Testing equipment for HEIDENHAIN encoders

    HEIDENHAIN offers various adjustment and inspection packages for HEIDENHAIN encoders with absolute as well as incremental interfaces.

    PWT 100
    The PWT serves as an adjusting aid for initial commissioning of your encoders. In addition, the PWT 100 features an incremental counter and further functions.

    PWM 21
    The PWM 21 diagnostic and adjustment package serves for diagnostics and adjustment of HEIDENHAIN encoders with absolute and incremental interfaces.

    For more information about the functions and benefits of our testing packages, refer to our information flyer Testing Equipment for HEIDENHAIN Encoders..

    Warranty and guarantee

    Series devices:
    The contractual warranty period agreed with our customers is 12 months for series devices. HEIDENHAIN additionally provides a guarantee of function for another 12 months. Thus, the total coverage period of the guarantee of function for new series devices is 24 months. General Service Conditions

    Service devices:
    A 12-month guarantee of function is valid for replacement units and spare parts.

    Exchange devices:
    A 12-month guarantee of function is valid for devices from our exchange stock.

    After the repair you enjoy a guarantee of function for 12 months not just on the repaired part, but on the entire unit.

    Express shipment? – These additional costs may be incurred

    Transport costs:

    If express shipment is needed, HEIDENHAIN offers delivery by TNT within Germany before 8:00 a.m, 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on the following day.

    • Delivery by TNT by 9:00 a.m.
      Up to 10 kg approx. 100 % shipping surcharge  
      Up to 25 kg approx. 50 % shipping surcharge 
      Up to 100 kg approx. 20 % shipping surcharge 
      Over 100 kg approx. 12 % shipping surcharge
    • Delivery by TNT by 8:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m.
      Additional costs may apply. 
      Please contact our Helpline
    • Delivery by TNT by 12:00 noon
      There is no surcharge on the regular transport costs for TNT deliveries by 12:00 noon.

    Service surcharge:
    Express shipments of current series products are subject to a Service surcharge of 20 %.

    Technical support

    NC Support Helpline
    +49 8669 31-3101

    PLC Programming Helpline
    +49 8669 31-3102

    NC Programming Helpline
    +49 8669 31-3103

    Encoders Helpline
    +49 8669 31-3104

    Application Programming Helpline
    +49 8669 31-3106

    Replacement Parts and Repairs Helpline
    Germany: +49 8669 31-3121
    International: +49 8669 31-3123

    Please use our request form to send us a question.

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